B12 Photos

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West Loop

Waiting In Front of the Burger Bar Listened One Last Time Coach Has Arrived Truth Beyond Truths Ready To Flee The Room A Poem Interrupted By Jealousy When Your Restless Heart Comes Back When You Are What You Are Night On The Town Never Ending Chant of Construction My Fingers Are All In A Knot Take What You Have Gathered From Coincidence Exercises in Rhythm We Couldn't Stop Ourselves From Dancing Would You Believe 1000 N Morgan, Fulton Market, West Loop Dreaming My Dreams in Fulton Market Concrete Melodies Unheard Nobody's Technidol Wedding To Descend Firm Bat Technicolor Haze over West Loop Another Downward Slide Ruled By Bureaucracy Always Turning the Same Corners Blackroof Country Greyhound 6373 - bw Of Speed And Skill And Schemes Every False Thing Ends Waiting for A Friend There Is Nothing Really To Turn Off Breathing Out, Breathing In Looked On In Disbelief Just A Restless Feeling By My Side Wintery Wolf Point Life is So Complicated Rain Comes for the Archbishop's Cat-2013 There Oughta Be A Law Speak Not Of Senseless Things World Weary - Red Bleach A Little Hard to Hear It I Suppose You Call It Winning Every Ace Got Played Golden Plowshares Little Faith I Did Not Say It Aloud It Was Raining Gold Heart Felt Help Me Make Through The Night Waiting for the 216 Your Life You Like It Well Said You Felt Trapped Liberate Us From Boredom - TRI-X 400 The Power and Weight of the Mind -Ilford HP5 Dead Enders of the World Unite You Always Have Options Chicago literally Imaginary Anthropology West Loop Just Because - oil dismissals Law of Ideas - Cross Processed West Loop Just Because Nobody Remembered Your Name - Afga Scala 200 Stop Violence Limousine You Should Stop to Watch the Boats Pass Approaching Conflation -Ilford HP5 plus 400 Liturgy Haymarket Riot Memorial blues Horse Latitudes in West Loop Long Term Future - E100S Living_In_the_City Mystic Communion Wild Apples and Thin Boards My Foolish Heart I'm With Stupid Thrift Store on the Right A&B Machine Works Chairs - Haymarket Riot Memorial Battle for Hearts and Minds Shine Your Lights For Me - HP5 Plus 400 Are You the Answer Alleys are life, embodied skybridge number 345 As I Went Out one morning Barstools and Violins Reign In Your Instincts More I Cannot Tell You PRB Art Morgan Station - under construction ADM In afternoon light