B12 Photos

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Conspirators Sit Down And Be Counted Waiting In Front of the Burger Bar Listened One Last Time Wheel Time Photobomb Coach Has Arrived Truth Beyond Truths You Got To Try To See A Little Further King's Noodle Restaurant Metaphorical Zygote And Indeed There Will Be Time You Got To Move Confined By What You Saw Then Biking In the Rain Two Dollars A Verse Green Zone Standing On A Forgotten Moon Three Dollars A Verse - Afternoon Stroll Night On The Town Passing Goldstar Courage My Love Laughter Like Rain Never Ending Chant of Construction Trudging to Fast Track Stockton Street Tunnel My Fingers Are All In A Knot Lost Time Is Not Found Again Art Blue Frowns Could Lay In Wait Ruled By Bureaucracy Wages of Sin and a Pink Caddy I AM Temple Faux Lomo Walking Alone Heart Felt Biking to Work Contemplation of the Winter Bean Blue Without Angst morals and emotions are hard to combine Smoke Break Alleyway Smoking and Biking