B12 Photos

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Unspoken Tensions Death of Your Party Become Someone Better Is This What You Wanted No Such Gesture Where The Light Gets In Bottle Empty Dance My Fingers Are All In A Knot Remember When Your Window Faced South Probable Cause Overlooked In Haste - Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City My Daydreams Are All Disasters Exercises in Rhythm If It's All The Same To You Would You Believe 1000 N Morgan, Fulton Market, West Loop Wrapped Up In Your Grief Let The Words Roll Off Where They May Elijah Finally Finished His Wine Seeming To Be A Green Step Forward Gonna Raise Up My Right Hand Your Promise Counts For Nothing The Music Kept Playing Forget Your Sickness and Dance Another Downward Slide Always Turning the Same Corners Dancing In My Mind Like Yesterday's Fever Dream Crying Tears of Fire You Won't Tell Me Your Private Thoughts Anymore There Were Times There Is Nothing Really To Turn Off More Or Maybe Less - Agfa Scala Life is So Complicated More Or Maybe Less Not Even Wrong World Weary - Red Bleach Focus On Sanity I Suppose You Call It Winning Liberate Us From Boredom - TRI-X 400 The Power and Weight of the Mind -Ilford HP5 Ministry of Backwash - Polapan Blue Rookery - Kodachrome 25 Can't Get Out of Here Leftover Stories Inn Joy Bokeh Manifold Illusions Mosaic - TRI-X 400 Morton Arboretum Pine - Polapan Moroccan Fountain at the Garfield Battle for Hearts and Minds Blue smoked street Alley Eyes Upward Life and Times of a Language zellij - Garfield Park Conservatory Thinking the Thoughts I Call My Own Sudden Storm