B12 Photos

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Unspoken Tensions Laid Your Hand On Me It's Too Easy To Cry Chicago River, dusk Waiting In Front of the Burger Bar Shivered The Whole Night Through - Polapan Blue Shivered The Whole Night Through Listened One Last Time Guarding Ready To Flee The Room A Poem Interrupted By Jealousy You Got To Try To See A Little Further Metaphorical Zygote Two Dollars A Verse Three Dollars A Verse - Afternoon Stroll Never Ending Chant of Construction Trudging to Fast Track My Fingers Are All In A Knot Lost Time Is Not Found Again West Wind Blowing Ill - Redux Bahai Towers Take What You Have Gathered From Coincidence Remember When Your Window Faced South Probable Cause Overlooked In Haste - Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City My Daydreams Are All Disasters Exercises in Rhythm If It's All The Same To You We Couldn't Stop Ourselves From Dancing Dreaming My Dreams in Fulton Market Former Cabrini Green Tower Concrete Melodies Unheard Nobody's Technidol Wedding Frowns Could Lay In Wait Your Promise Counts For Nothing The Music Kept Playing Technicolor Haze over West Loop Ruled By Bureaucracy Evening Approaching Always Turning the Same Corners Blackroof Country There Is Work To Be Done Dancing In My Mind Like Yesterday's Fever Dream Of Speed And Skill And Schemes Every False Thing Ends Washing the Chicago Tribune History Is Built Upon The Sparks Waiting for A Friend Dance Now At Every Chance No Light For You Crying Tears of Fire Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell There Were Times There Is Nothing Really To Turn Off More Or Maybe Less - Agfa Scala Looked On In Disbelief Wintery Wolf Point More Or Maybe Less There Oughta Be A Law Speak Not Of Senseless Things Focus On Sanity A Little Hard to Hear It About the Road to Happiness Every Ace Got Played It’s So Easy to Laugh While Your Traces Disappear Franklin Street Bridge at Night Golden Plowshares Dancing Around In Your Head Little Faith Theatre District West Randolph What Are You Yelling About A Dark Turn of Mind It Was Raining Gold Halsted At Night - Oil The Power and Weight of the Mind -Ilford HP5 Filling Up Dead Enders of the World Unite Perplexed By the Light Of Your Moon - Tetenal Copper You Always Have Options Chicago literally Imaginary Anthropology West Loop Just Because - oil Exquisite Errors dismissals When You Leave You Really Mean It Contemplation of Lots of Alternative Endings Too Much Near the Truth West Loop Just Because Moral Chant I've Already Waited Too Long Should Have Been You The Debts You Have Do You Deserve The Things You Have Stumble After Stumble Give Your Mind a Rest - Polapan Blue Contemplation of the Winter Bean Approaching Conflation -Ilford HP5 plus 400 Can't Get Out of Here Mysteries of Time Summer Haze Over Chicago's Loop Liturgy Diagonal Load Transference South Loop Trains Milwaukee River Blues Horse Latitudes in West Loop LSD and the heartbeat of a city Long Term Future - E100S Lincoln Park Conservatory Chicago at Night A&B Machine Works Smelled the Summer on the Smoky Wind Before the Rain blues Are You the Answer Alleys are life, embodied skybridge number 345 As I Went Out one morning Long Silent Road Ahead - Agfa Scala London Red White and Blues Reign In Your Instincts Circumstantial Evidence - Panatomic X Homosexuals at Biograph Double the Pleasure Division Street Bridge is still Standing Morgan Station - under construction Union ADM In afternoon light