B12 Photos

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Black and White

Conspirators Sit Down And Be Counted Shivered The Whole Night Through - Polapan Blue Coach Has Arrived Truth Beyond Truths Guarding When Your Restless Heart Comes Back Metaphorical Zygote You Got To Move Confined By What You Saw Then Biking In the Rain Standing On A Forgotten Moon Laughter Like Rain Never Ending Chant of Construction Trudging to Fast Track Stockton Street Tunnel My Fingers Are All In A Knot Remember When Your Window Faced South Probable Cause Overlooked In Haste - Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City My Daydreams Are All Disasters Exercises in Rhythm If It's All The Same To You When The Sea Clears Deeply We Couldn't Stop Ourselves From Dancing Would You Believe 1000 N Morgan, Fulton Market, West Loop Let The Words Roll Off Where They May Dreaming My Dreams in Fulton Market When Kings Come Home Concrete Melodies Unheard Nobody's Technidol Wedding Gonna Raise Up My Right Hand Frowns Could Lay In Wait - Panatomic X A Complex of Other Emotions The Music Kept Playing Ruled By Bureaucracy Always Turning the Same Corners Blackroof Country There Is Work To Be Done Musicians at Mareva's Birthday Party Greyhound 6373 - bw History Is Built Upon The Sparks Dance Now At Every Chance No Light For You Crying Tears of Fire There Were Times There Is Nothing Really To Turn Off More Or Maybe Less - Agfa Scala Just A Restless Feeling By My Side Life is So Complicated Not Even Wrong Speak Not Of Senseless Things World Weary - Red Bleach Focus On Sanity A Little Hard to Hear It About the Road to Happiness While Your Traces Disappear Franklin Street Bridge at Night Dancing Around In Your Head Little Faith I Did Not Say It Aloud Walking Alone A Dark Turn of Mind Said You Felt Trapped Liberate Us From Boredom - TRI-X 400 The Power and Weight of the Mind -Ilford HP5 Filling Up You Don't Have to Worry You Can Have Your Fun Perplexed By the Light Of Your Moon - Tetenal Copper You Always Have Options Chicago literally West Washington At Night Exquisite Errors When You Leave You Really Mean It Too Much Near the Truth Banks of the Sabine River Nobody Remembered Your Name - Afga Scala 200 Ministry of Backwash - Polapan Blue The Debts You Have Stop Violence Limousine Do You Deserve The Things You Have Only the Thought is Dark Rookery - Kodachrome 25 Give Your Mind a Rest - Polapan Blue The Proud and Strong Have Departed All Poems Are Accidents Approaching Conflation -Ilford HP5 plus 400 Can't Get Out of Here Diagonal Load Transference Leftover Stories Inn Joy Nocturne Manifold Illusions Industry and Commerce toned Mosaic - TRI-X 400 Linden - Selenium Morton Arboretum Pine - Polapan Lincoln Park Conservatory Moving Time - August edition A&B Machine Works Smoke Break Alleyway Shine Your Lights For Me - HP5 Plus 400 Shifting Delights Smoking and Biking skybridge number 345 So Sorry To Leave You Long Silent Road Ahead - Agfa Scala Promise Carved in Steel Not Stone Reign In Your Instincts Circumstantial Evidence - Panatomic X Homosexuals at Biograph Vintage Vinyl Records Meditation Upon a River Double the Pleasure Uncertain Light of a Single Certain Truth