B12 Photos

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City Life

Laid Your Hand On Me It's Too Easy To Cry Chicago River, dusk Stop Standing So Still Become Someone Better Conspirators Sit Down And Be Counted Waiting In Front of the Burger Bar Shivered The Whole Night Through - Polapan Blue Shivered The Whole Night Through Listened One Last Time Wheel Time Photobomb Coach Has Arrived Truth Beyond Truths Guarding Can You Search For What's Not Lost Ready To Flee The Room Is This What You Wanted A Poem Interrupted By Jealousy When You Are What You Are You Got To Try To See A Little Further Ready To Go Anywhere King's Noodle Restaurant And Indeed There Will Be Time You Got To Move Confined By What You Saw Then Biking In the Rain Two Dollars A Verse Green Zone Standing On A Forgotten Moon Three Dollars A Verse - Afternoon Stroll Night On The Town Passing Goldstar Courage My Love Laughter Like Rain Never Ending Chant of Construction Trudging to Fast Track Stockton Street Tunnel My Fingers Are All In A Knot Lost Time Is Not Found Again As The Evening Sky Grew Dark Dusk, South Pond, Lincoln Park West Wind Blowing Ill - Redux Bahai Towers Take What You Have Gathered From Coincidence Customers Please Use Front Door Exercises in Rhythm Art Blue We Couldn't Stop Ourselves From Dancing Wind Wet With Music, Manhattan Beach Wrapped Up In Your Grief Dreaming My Dreams in Fulton Market Former Cabrini Green Tower Nobody's Technidol Wedding To Descend Frowns Could Lay In Wait Frowns Could Lay In Wait - Panatomic X A Complex of Other Emotions The Muttering Retreats of Restless Nights Went To Go Tell Someone Firm Bat Technicolor Haze over West Loop Right Turn Ahead Ruled By Bureaucracy Wages of Sin and a Pink Caddy There Is Work To Be Done A Head For Business Dancing In My Mind Like Yesterday's Fever Dream You Say You Care Greyhound 6373 - bw Of Speed And Skill And Schemes Every False Thing Ends Dance Now At Every Chance Somebody Please Tell This Machine I'm Not A Machine Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell There Is Nothing Really To Turn Off More Or Maybe Less - Agfa Scala Breathing Out, Breathing In Looked On In Disbelief Just A Restless Feeling By My Side Wintery Wolf Point Life is So Complicated More Or Maybe Less Rain Comes for the Archbishop's Cat-2013 I AM Temple Faux Lomo Speak Not Of Senseless Things World Weary - Red Bleach South Pond Boardwalk About the Road to Happiness It’s So Easy to Laugh While Your Traces Disappear Franklin Street Bridge at Night Little Faith I Did Not Say It Aloud Theatre District West Randolph What Are You Yelling About Walking Alone A Dark Turn of Mind It Was Raining Gold Heart Felt Help Me Make Through The Night Halsted At Night - Oil Waiting for the 216 Your Life You Like It Well Said You Felt Trapped Feeding On Its Own Hungriness Liberate Us From Boredom - TRI-X 400 The Power and Weight of the Mind -Ilford HP5 Filling Up You Don't Have to Worry You Can Have Your Fun Dead Enders of the World Unite Imaginary Anthropology West Washington At Night West Loop Just Because - oil Exquisite Errors Treyf When You Leave You Really Mean It Law of Ideas - Cross Processed Contemplation of Lots of Alternative Endings Natural Science near Belmont Harbor West Loop Just Because Moral Chant Biking to Work Ministry of Backwash - Polapan Blue Stop Violence Limousine Two Bridges Don't Make It Right Only the Thought is Dark Stumble After Stumble The Sound and Fury Contemplation of the Winter Bean Blue Without Angst Roof Access You Should Stop to Watch the Boats Pass All Poems Are Accidents A Metaphor Of Our Own Approaching Conflation -Ilford HP5 plus 400 Mysteries of Time Summer Haze Over Chicago's Loop Liturgy Increased Risks Minor Courage - Blues Lower Congress Parkway Inescapable Rhythm of the City South Loop Trains Milwaukee River Blues Looking For a Piece of Something - EPP Locked up Heart Legends of Its Roaring LSD and the heartbeat of a city Inn Joy Nocturne Inn Joy Bokeh Haymarket Riot with Flowers Living_In_the_City Haymarket-Memorial-Old-Version Lights Out Linden - Selenium Wild Apples and Thin Boards morals and emotions are hard to combine My Foolish Heart Muted Voice of Angry Fear Moving Time - August edition Chicago at Night Towing Kurt Cobain Thrift Store on the Right Chairs - Haymarket Riot Memorial Smoke Break Alleyway Shine Your Lights For Me - HP5 Plus 400 Smoking and Biking Before the Rain blues Blue smoked street Alleys are life, embodied Barstools and Violins Asleep at the Post Baseball and Beer So Sorry To Leave You Lonely Bike Loneliness of the Parking Marker Lonely Zenith London Red White and Blues Leaving Soon - Ektachrome London Eye Peeking Over the Thames Sunday Is Gonna Be Different From Chicago Reign In Your Instincts Sudden Storm Meditation Upon a River Sun Setting on Home Depot Uncertain Light of a Single Certain Truth