B12 Photos

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Unspoken Tensions Laid Your Hand On Me Death of Your Party If Your Leaves Could Only Speak It's Too Easy To Cry Chicago River, dusk Shivered The Whole Night Through - Polapan Blue Shivered The Whole Night Through Listened One Last Time Truth Beyond Truths Ready To Flee The Room Is This What You Wanted When Your Restless Heart Comes Back Where The Light Gets In Stockton Street Tunnel My Fingers Are All In A Knot Take What You Have Gathered From Coincidence We Couldn't Stop Ourselves From Dancing Would You Believe 1000 N Morgan, Fulton Market, West Loop Your Promise Counts For Nothing The Muttering Retreats of Restless Nights Firm Bat Another Downward Slide Ruled By Bureaucracy Dancing In My Mind Like Yesterday's Fever Dream Of Speed And Skill And Schemes History Is Built Upon The Sparks Dance Now At Every Chance You Won't Tell Me Your Private Thoughts Anymore There Were Times Breathing Out, Breathing In You Too Will Eventually Disappear Looked On In Disbelief Not Even Wrong There Oughta Be A Law All Your Dreams Won't Protect You South Pond Boardwalk I Suppose You Call It Winning Every Ace Got Played It’s So Easy to Laugh While Your Traces Disappear Golden Plowshares Dancing Around In Your Head I Did Not Say It Aloud Help Me Make Through The Night Feeding On Its Own Hungriness Dead Enders of the World Unite Law of Ideas - Cross Processed No Need To Hide It I've Already Waited Too Long You Should Stop to Watch the Boats Pass All Poems Are Accidents A Metaphor Of Our Own Approaching Conflation -Ilford HP5 plus 400 Increased Risks Minor Courage - Blues Inescapable Rhythm of the City Haymarket Riot Memorial blues LSD and the heartbeat of a city Inn Joy Bokeh Morning profits Mouth Full of Liquid Dusk Moving On the Waters Wild Apples and Thin Boards My Foolish Heart Muted Voice of Angry Fear Montrose Harbor Bokeh Chicago at Night Shine Your Lights For Me - HP5 Plus 400 Before the Rain blues Are You the Answer bass on the roof As I Went Out one morning Lonely Bike Leaving Soon - Ektachrome London Eye Peeking Over the Thames From Chicago Sun Setting on Home Depot More I Cannot Tell You ADM In afternoon light Uncertain Light of a Single Certain Truth